An EDGE to your health - Natural Cold pressed juices

What a healthy kickstart to my Saturday. The EDGE to my health. Definitely these cold pressed juices will be my monthly subscription from now on.
And as aptly their tag line tells "If you can't eat it drink it". Literally.!!
Corporate lifestyle can give you tons of unhealthy choices. And you are in no mood to blend your veggies and fruits after a hectic office or even in the morning. EDGE cold pressed juices will give you that kick of health n goodness each morning.

What is Cold pressed juices:
So for those who don't know, Cold press is a unique style of juicing, where the core nutrients of the fruits and vegetables are retained in the juice. No heat is used in this process hence making it nutrition rich.

What's unique about EDGE :
This product has no extra calories, no sugars,  no preservatives so you have to drink these juices within 36 to 48 hours under refrigeration conditions. I personally thought that it tasted also good since they blend different fruits n vegetables together so that the raw flavours vanishes but still the nutrients remains intact.

The blended juices comes in range of INR 60 to INR 160 and they are awesome in taste.
Do try the "MELONaire" from their collection.
It's a mix of Watermelon, Pomegranate, Cucumber, Mint, Lemon, Ginger & Chia seeds.

I also like the "EVERgreen" which is mix of all greens with a dash of Apple and mint.
Also the "sacRED" one is a mix of tomatoes,carrots, pineapple, lemongrass and orange. This one will definitely give yu a citrus boost.

Final word:
So start your healthy diet with this product and say no to sugar laden juices. Your health is a call away @+919767670202. Price for monthly subscription start at INR 2,700.

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Big Love!

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EDGE Juices